Which One Do You Pefer Pepsi Or Coke Cola?!

Question: Which One Do You Pefer Pepsi Or Coke Cola?
Which one taste better


I like Pepsi the best! But if I have a killer headache then it is Coke who saves me. But the fizziness is too much for just a regular day. Pepsi has got my vote!

I dont like the fizz that much so i make it flat a little, but pepsi is too flat

Coca-Cola. Pepsi has a wicked after taste.

To be honest i've drank both but hands down coca cola ,I have about 3 cans a day of it .....which isn't good but I love it ,hope this helps (:

Coca Cola




Coca-Cola, from the glass bottle. :-)

i like coca cola

No debate here, I like Pepsi best.........

Neither, I like ginger ale.

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