Question about Cherry Coke Zero ..?!

Question: Question about Cherry Coke Zero ..?
I dont understand how it has zero calories & only 30mg of sodium. Isnt that like impossible? Whats the catch to drinking these daily? B/c from the information on the bottle it doesnt seem all that bad. But people always say drinks like these are really bad for you.


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Salt doesn't contain calories. All diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners that are calorie-free ... but you are correct that all soda, diet or not, are not good for you.

The problem with diet soda isn't calories (they are truly calorie-free), but they have 30mg of sodium (to help them taste like something). The problem with sodium is that it encourages the body to release water. If you consume too much sodium, it can dehydrate you. Most people then go for another soda which just compounds the problem.

There is no soda that is good for you

it's not necessarily good for you, but it's not bad. it has 30 mg of sodium. that's nothing. unless you're drinking like 100 of them a day, i dont see how that's unhealthy. there is caffeine in it, which could cause it to be addicting, but then again so does coffee and a lot of people drink that daily. honestly i dont see a problem with drinking it everyday, just as long as you drink at least some water, and no, not all soda is bad for you. i wasnt aware that just b/c carbonation is added to a drink, that automatically makes it bad for you...

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