Which energy drink should I buy?!

Question: Which energy drink should I buy?
I'm 15 btw. There are quite a few on the market and they all claim to do stuff but I've never tried any. Red Bull claims a LOT but does it actually work? And how about Lucozade? Thanks in advance :)


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None of them really work. I'm a bigger person so maybe the effects are minimized. Basically, it's just a bunch of sugar and other stimulants (like caffeine and guanine) that aren't good for you. If you need energy, take a quick nap and/or drink some fruit juice. All the sugar and stimulants are bad for you and you end up crashing later.

If you insist on drinking one, have a Red Bull. It's about 8 ounces, compared to Monster and Rockstar which are both 16 ounces. That way, you won't crash as hard.

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