Sweet starbucks drinks?!

Question: Sweet starbucks drinks?
I ALWAYS order a mocha frappuccino when i go to Starbucks. I'd like to try other drinks, but i'm not sure what else to order. And i dont want to waste the 5-6 dollars on a new drink that i end up hating. I bought an iced cafe mocha last time and it was AWFUL. No matter what i added to it, it was just so bitter.

I prefer iced coffee. And it has to be sweet. I HATE caramel flavor. (Ideally the mocha frapp is the perfect drink for me, i'm just curious if there are other drinks at starbucks with the same taste.)

What would you recommend i order, and how would i order it?


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AMAZING! try this, it rocks! http://seekitnow.info/251554/other-drink


Ask the employees what you should get! I recommend the chocolate raspberry frappuccino, chocolate mint frappuccino, and white chocolate frappuccino.

Starbucks customer.

haha i ALWAYS order mocha frappuchinos too!!!!!
you are soooo my soulmate! :D

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