What type of tea do you like?!

Question: What type of tea do you like?
I like English Breakfast Black Leaf tea. Freshly boiled water, steep for two minutes then enjoy.


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Kurdish tea is beautiful.

If you want to see my favorite teas, check out my profile on RateTea: http://ratetea.net/profile/?account_id=1

This lists all my favorites, and you read reviews of them. I even have a blog about tea: http://cazort.blogspot.com

Short answer? I love tea...and I love many different types. It's hard to pick a favorite off the top of my head, but some types I really like are Darjeeling teas, Kukicha (Japanese twig tea), Hojicha (roasted green tea), Chinese green teas, oolong teas, especially greener oolong teas. I also really like Yunnan black teas--they're a great, strong breakfast tea.

It's amazing! Here: http://smarterdeals.info/33191/black-leaf-tea


Jasmine tea :D

Green and other colors in the spectrum.

Hmm. Black tea with a splash of lemonade!

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