sometimes when im sad, i get high the legal way xD?!

Question: Sometimes when im sad, i get high the legal way xD?
wenever im sad, i turn to energy drinks like boost and emerge and eat sweets or anything that wud make me hyper or happy in some sorta way. is it healthy tho, for my body i mean? it makes me high lol

it works, i get all happy and hypaaa!! xD


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LOL this post is so cute haha.

Well, energy drinks aren't great for you, like the other user said, they speed up your heart rate and could lead to a stroke BUT, it doesn't mean you can't drink them.
It's okay to have them on occasion and it's definitely better than turning to drugs or alcohol.
Having a few energy drinks every so often isn't going to harm you.. I mean, I've had doctors suggest I had energy drinks before, particularly after getting over an illness. So I don't think a doctor is going to purposely suggest something that knowingly is super bad for you haha.


Energy drinks aren't good for you! They make your heart race, and eventually that could lead to a stroke! And sugar just isn't good for you at all.

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