Is diet soda worse for you? Also does it help with weight loss?!

Question: Is diet soda worse for you? Also does it help with weight loss?

Look at the ingredients in diet soda. There are chemicals in there that the body does not have the ability to process. Regular soda is more natural but has lots of sugar. Excess sugar turns to fat. Make your own soda drinks using blended up fruit with carbonated water. Or mix fruit, water and ice cubes in a blender and you get a delicious smoothie. Suggestions for fruits could include oranges, grapes, berries of all kinds, mangoes, kiwis, and pineapples. The riper the fruit the sweeter it is. If you make a smoothie or soda you can become creative. Try bananas, papayas, carrots, beets, etc. with the carbonated water and discover a new drink. I usually make a fruit smoothie for breakfast and drink it all day until dinner when I'm dieting. Homemade sodas are a healthy alternative to store bought.

It's pretty bad for you, but it has less or no calories, because it's sweetener instead of sugar, and it causes headaches and stomachaches. :/


NOt really but it doesnt help weight loss.

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