Skim milk vs 2% milk?!

Question: Skim milk vs 2% milk?
I'm 13 years old.
My parents refuse to buy skim milk...I don't know why because I thought that skim milk is supposed to be healthier! I'm trying to live a healthy lifestyle but my folks are just being difficult. (Skim milk vs 2% milk)??? Pros and cons??? Thanks people.


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There is no question that skim milk is more heart healthy than 2% or whole milk. If your parents refuse to buy it for general household use, ask them if they will buy it just for your use. I use nothing but skim milk, and the taste is great. Good Luck!!

Skim milk is healthier because it contain very little milkfat. You can get used to the difference in texture. Tell your parents to check the nutritional label on both types of milk. There should be a significant difference in calories and calories from fat. The real problem here is that they need to be convinced that fewer calories are better.

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The only difference is the fat content. Skim is supposed to have no fat. Babies and young children need a certain amount of fat in their diet. As you get older, it's better to cut back a bit. If you are overweight, of course, you should really be careful. But I prefer 2% myself. It's a good compromise. Skim is too much like drinking water.

Just drinking milk helps promote a healthier lifestyle. I like the taste of 2% milk more than skim. However, my grandparents are on a diet and they both drink skim milk. So I think it just depends on if you're trying to lose weight.

Just get regular milk it tastes better and it's more natural

Skimmed has no cream so it tastes a bit watery, in my opinion.

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