Almost every time I drink Pepsi, I feel a mild heart attack happening?!

Question: Almost every time I drink Pepsi, I feel a mild heart attack happening?
Could it be the high frutose corn syrup ? I really like pepsi, it's so yummmy...I don't want to stop drinking it.... ;(..


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It could have something to do with the carbonated water

I never had this before but considering wat my health teacher has been saying...your heart vain is probably clogged. Not completely, bu almost.
Worst thing you can do right now is panic. So dont. Relax and go to the doc. :)
Im sure if you go to the doctor you can have a surgery toclean it up and drink pepsi again without lil heart attacks. P
After watever happens, i recommend you start drinkig more water than coke so it can help clean your heart vains and tummy. : )
Hope this helped.

P.S it might not evenbe clogged but just to make sure...

you are probably a troll with a question like that. Either way, i'll answer you. It's your life, so if you feel unhealthy drinking pepsi, then it's time to stop.

It's probably the caffeine. Too much caffeine can affect your heart that way. Try caffeine free. In the meantime, It wouldn't hurt getting your heart checked out. A heart attack is no laughing matter.

Sounds like's from the carbonated water. There's a lot of acid in soda, so don't drink so much.

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