will green tea prevent me from sleeping?!

Question: Will green tea prevent me from sleeping?
if i drink it at like 6 is it going to prevent me from sleeping?


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Green tea has a lot of caffeine in it. It doesn't matter when you drink it it is going to prevent you from sleeping for awhile. Even decaf green tea still contains a lot of caffeine.

It's impossible to answer this question--you need to try it out for yourself. Why? Different people metabolize caffeine at different rates, and different people have different reactions to it. Compared to coffee, green tea has a lot less caffeine; green tea also contains L-theanine which may aid sleep:

I actually researched this some time ago and wrote an article specifically about tea and sleep:


Personally, I avoid drinking tea too late, but if I drink it at 6 and go to bed at 11, I'm fine. If I drink a lot of very strong tea very late, however, then I can have trouble sleeping.

it depends on when you got to sleep. Most forms of green tea do have caffeine in them so if you have trouble sleeping i would suggest not drinking it to late into the evening.

It just depends on you. Some people (like me) have no problem drinking green tea at night. Some are more sensitive. You would have to try it out.


Maybe depends on when you go to bed. But it does have caffeine so it will keep you up so It all depends lol just go to bed lol

It depends on wether you get it caffinated or decaffinated.

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