Keurig coffee too light?!

Question: Keurig coffee too light?
i just bought a Keurig coffee maker and whenever I brew at the 10 oz setting (the only reasonable size in my opinion), the coffee comes out too light. I just tried to brew one of the "extra bold" blends this morning on 10 oz and it was better but still seemed light. Any suggestions about which kind of k-cups to buy? Also, as a side note, me and my family have always liked dunkin donuts coffee the best... so anything that tastes similar to this would be preferred. Thanks!


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Of course it is lighter at 10 oz. It is going to use the same amount of instant coffee per brew. 10 oz means it uses the same aount of coffee, with more water.

If you like more with a darker brew, brew 2 cups at less ounces.

Meh, those things suck. I would much rather grind my own, FRESH beans to make sure I get the type of brew I want. I guess they're OK for tea and cocoa. That's it.

There's a Donut Shop K cup that my bride likes, also the Kona blend (Tulley's I think). I no longer use it, coffee, that is.

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