Swapping cola for milk...?!

Question: Swapping cola for milk...?
She's having trouble with her teeth and gums, she's changed her tooth paste to something that helps towards strengthening gums etc Would drinking more milk or milkshakes (not tea or coffee) help make her teeth more healthy again..or will milk only help children


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Even children only require milk up to the age of 3-4 for teeth and bones. If possible get her to drink mainly water as it's always the best thing for a healthy body. I've never heard of Apples being good for your teeth, there good for your gums however because they have a hard peel that tends to slide into and in between your teeth and almost act as dental floss getting underneath and between your gums and teeth. If she already has weak gums though she may experience gum bleeding(it's perfectly normal though) because the peel will sometimes manage to cut the gums if there weakened (this actually strengthens the gums). Synsodine is a toothpaste for people with sensitive teeth and seems to be more like a medicine than a cure from what I looked at.

Cola causes tooth ache. The phosphoric acid in it will dissolve teeth.
The list of chemicals on the ingredient panel really needs to be read and studied.

What did people drink before 'cola'?


apples are actually good for your teath,or anything with less sugar is good for your teeth.also try sensodyne toothpaste

Not sure of the age of the person, buy staying away from drinks that contain sugar and acid is the best way to go.

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