Is it too late to drink eggnog?!

Question: Is it too late to drink eggnog?
I just found some eggnog in my fridge from this past Christmas. The expiration date on the cap says Jan 14 2011, but it smells perfectly fine. Should I drink it?

It's Dean's brand Eggnog, if that makes any difference.


I'd say "better safe than sorry" on this one...I'm pretty sure you'd get really sick if it had in fact gone bad.

No you should not drink it although the expiry date written on stuff is generally before the actual expiry so that explains why it smells okay but to be on safe side you should not drink it. I mean get a food poising or loose stomach or not drink the thing choice is yours. It is over a month since it expired!!!


Since eggnog couldn't possibly get any worse from spoiling I think you should go for it.

If you are really desperate try just a little bit and if you are OK tomorrow, go for it.

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