Why dont energy drinks have an effect on me?!

Question: Why dont energy drinks have an effect on me?
Energy drinks such as Rockstar, Monster, Jolt and Red Bull have literally NO effect on me whatsoever....people say it keeps you awake and full of energy but honestly, i feel exactly the same.-___- is it just a psychological thing to have energy? Or is it me...?


Energy drinks generally contain the fluid of a climbing plant called guarana. Guarana drinks are sold by the company elaborating on the fact that this fluid is an energy booster. While this is almost true, what they don't tell you is exactly how it works and why it will only effect between 40% to 60% of people. This is because the proteins within guarana react with another protein in our bodies which causes a chemical reaction in our bodies that sends a message to our brain that we have more energy than we think. It is like a forced chemical imbalance. While this seems helpful to those people that contain the active protein, those that don't carry it generally will feel nothing from the drinks except a slight acid reflux, or heart burn feeling, which is a common side effect of guarana to those without it. However, while having this protein may seem more beneficial when drinking guarana, the fact that these drinks DON'T actually give you more energy, but rather makes your brain believe that you have more energy, means that while these people that drink it are, at first, tired and then suddenly active, they are more prone to physical & mental shut down when overusing these products, because their bodies are simply worn out. To help counteract the fact that guarana is only helpful to some, these companies also add an exceptional amount of caffeine to try and give the same effect to those without the protein. However, generally people without the protein, will notice a familiar boost from the caffeine, because caffeine is not an energy booster, but a boost for our cognitive (literal & lateral thinking) function instead. You will still feel tired. Some people report that drinking guarana drinks make them more tired, but this is a false truth. The fact that guarana is simply not effective on them, because they are lacking the active protein, suggests that they were already becoming tired in the first place.

I never feel anything either, that's why I stopped drinking them. I don't know for sure, but I think it probably does have an effect, just not a noticeable one. Like, it probably increases your heart rate, but just because it increases your heart rate doesn't mean you'll feel up to dancing all night. Y'know?

I have never felt them either. There is only one drink I could feel. I have to look for the name and get back to you. I dont even feel coffee.

becasue you are already such an energenetic person without it.

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