What if i chug 7 monsters?!

Question: What if i chug 7 monsters?

GO 4 IT!!!

It won't do anything., Your body can only process 300 milligrams of caffeine at one time, the rest will go right through you. If you drink one once every 45 minutes or so you'd get a far better affect...until you crash, that is.

it wont do you no good. probably affects the heart which could cause some symptoms related to caffeine. i would stick to 1 per time dont really want the chance of death.

You probably will go into cardiac arrest.

ive had two friends do that. One died, the other got really siick n couldnt sleep on top of it.

my friends

You will have a cardiac arrest when you finish your 4th one

What if you died 5 minutes after doing that..?????????


Save yourself some time and just do one big line of good blow.

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