What do you say: Pop or Soda?!

Question: What do you say: Pop or Soda?
I call soft drinks pop here in Ohio.

What do you call it, and what state are you from?

Thanks :)


I've always said soda. I think your choice of names is based on the region you were raised in.

I call them sodas. I'm from georgia.

I call it pop down in NE. It's more simple and easier to spell and fun to say "pop!".

Soda. Missouri. But, I know people here who say "pop", so go figure.

Soda !!

I call it soda and I am from PA, but most people I know call it pop. You hear it called soda more in the southern states

Soda. I'm from Massachusetts

Born in Rhode Island, lived in Massachusetts since I was three

soda im from washington


Softdrink - that's what we call it in Australia.

Sodapop, of course! I'm originally from Nevada.

soda is what we say out here in california

soda and im from Georgia

I say pop, all my freinds do also, I live in Canada. My freind from USA always says soda.

I'm in Colorado and I say soda but I have heard some people call it pop. Maybe they moved here from Ohio.

Pop(: I'm from Ohio.

soda.... pop is a gay midwest thing

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