What foods or drinks can calm you down and make you feel so relaxed?!

Question: What foods or drinks can calm you down and make you feel so relaxed?
I already rely on a good cuppa and that's probably the one I'll be sticking with for the time being but I'd love to know what other things can make you feel really relaxed and help you not to worry so much like a cup of tea does. :) Does anyone know of anything?


Dark Chocolate: It relaxes you because it lowers your blood pressure while you eat it.

Camille Tea : The herb in it helps you relax especially when hot

and Chicken

Sounds like a meal and a dessert huh? (:

Ever notice how drowsy you get after a big Thanksgiving dinner? Turkey is often cited as the reason for after dinner lethargy. Turkey contains , an essential amino acid with a documented calming and sleep inducing effect. Tryptophan is also metabolized into serotonin and melatonin, neurotransmitters that exert a calming effect and regulates sleep. L-tryptophan needs to be taken on an empty stomach to be most effective and in order to make you drowsy. Might be that the wine served with the turkey might just be another reason for sleepiness and a feeling of calm well being.

Put yogurt on hot food, it'll be more relaxing to eat. I also think milk would be good but they give me stomach aches sometimes. Coffee maybe.

Give credit to my mom :D

Personally coffee, and hot chocolate. Oh and brownies or muffin.

Cheese is a food that will help you relax.Warm milk also relaxes you.


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