When did you begin drinking coffee?!

Question: When did you begin drinking coffee?

I was a late bloomer while in the coffee department. My sister drank it for a youngster, but I could in no way stand the stuff and NEEDED to. I thought it would awesome to enjoy a new warm drink that experienced no calories. I don't think in artificial sweeteners making sure that was not an option to me either, but then I discovered the natural sweetener stevia a couple of years ago and started enjoying an occasional sit down elsewhere around the age with fifty.

At 19, when I had my first night shift job. At the time I also had access to unhomogenized milk from a local dairy and discovered that, although I never liked sweetened coffee, fresh strong coffee with cream skimmed off of milk fresh from the cow is ambrosial.

I looked around me at the people who couldn't function until they had their morning coffee and decided I didn't want to be addicted.

I had little bits a a kid and drank it from to time when a teen. I really started drinking in earnest when I was in the Navy.

I started drinking coffee at the age of 12 or 13 If i recall. Coffee should't be really bad for you unless you drink a lot of it!

I was probably about 14.

Around 22.

I was thirteen. and I was thrilled..

High school.

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