i think i have had coffee overdose.....?!

Question: I think i have had coffee overdose.....?
i had to study so i had a few cups of coffee
now i am all hyper and cant focus on my studies
plz tell is there an antidote>>>?
help shall be apprecuiated


Eat bread items, or rice. It works for me.

If you can, drink room temp water (just not cold) as it will help dilute the coffee down. It'll pass, the caffeine doesn't affect your body too long. You can even exercise a little to help metabolize it faster. Go running (or since it's late), run around in your room, etc.

I got a remidy for that drink orange juice works. It scientificly proven to.

I've used orange juice after to many coffee felt better

Don't drink coffee; coffee has caffine, and it tastes like ****.

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