Would your life shortened if you only drinked one diet energy drink per day? Or no?!

Question: Would your life shortened if you only drinked one diet energy drink per day? Or no?
Because I'll drink just one diet Red Bull or one diet Monster daily. If I drink it regulary (Non Diet) I get stomach/chest pains badly and break out into pimples.


It will not be shortened with just one.

No your life wont be shortened just eat something solid within a few hours after drinking as the energy herbs in it will rev your metabolism. As far as breakouts go see a dermatologist and get some powerful meds. I genetically would break out and bad as a teenager but go on some strong meds from the dermatologist and never took meds since. I would maybe get a few problem areas but would apply alittle toothpaste to it and it would go away. I drink at least 6 cans of mountain dew regular everyday and Im ok!!!

1 monster a day is kind of too much.
1 redbull is okay, you should drink coffee or guru insted.

Personal experience

No, it wont be shortened but I dont think energy drinks are good to drink. I wouldnt worry about it at all. The more natural drink you can find to drink is better though

dont drink it if youre getting chest pains

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