How harmful to my health can a soda be?!

Question: How harmful to my health can a soda be?
i am, as i ask getting to my forth glass of coke for the day and it gets better with every glass i drink. it tastes so good it seems i cannot get enough of it, could this be an addiction? is coke honestly that bad? what could actually go wrong with my body? what is the chemistry behind sodas?


It's horrible for you! It slowly deteriorates your bones. If you drink one soda a day for 1 year, you've had more than 2 GALLONS of sugar.
Sadly, I think yours is an addiction.

Best of luck to you!!


Well I don't want to ruin your appetite but: Yes, soda is harmful. Coca-cola contains 8 pieces of sugar so as you can see, it's not good for your teeth.

Coke is very addictive, I know this because I have experienced this myself. If I didn't drink a coke in the morning, my mood could only go downhill as my day progressed. And if I didn't drink it on regular basis, I was feeling very, VERY weak. I can say that this addiction is a slow addiction, it will take more than a year to get addicted to this kind of 'drug'.

I think that if you drink too much coke (which means more than 1 glass (25cl) a day), your teeth will suffer alot from this.

Believe me, drink 1 glass of coke a day and you'll be fine. But just don't overdo.

PS: Coca-cola was named like this because in it's early stages, it was used as a medecin. It contained cocain back then.

I was a coca-cola addict.

the chemicals in it are bad... for example i drank alot of soda since the age of 11.. now im 20 and have bowel disease which could have manifested itself for a variety of reasons, including chemicals in food. i strongly believe that my addiction to soda had a role to play. plus, its bad for your teeth

It can be an addiction. You will end up drinking 40 sodas a day. You can get diebetes that way. And the chemicals will effect the way your body function.

Too much sugar in your diet will cause you to get fat, and possible cause diabetes. Pop is also really bad for your teeth.
Yes it can be an addiction.

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