Is 5 hour energy any good? Question too short.?!

Question: Is 5 hour energy any good? Question too short.?
So, yesterday, I was super tired, you know, slaying monsters and the camp sing along, the usual. Well, i couldn't sleep well and I have plans today. And those plans will be ruined if I can't stay awake. So, is five hour energy any good?

- Alethea, Daughter of Athena


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i tryed it before it dident rly help me much i stayed awake better when i had a big can energy drink and just took a gulp of it every little bit

you should try that new pom 4 drink its fill of energy and you were the one to introduce pomegranate to the world
P.S. yes 5 hour energy is good

Well Athen, if you don't want to be "dragon" along then the drink won't help much. A nice snack and a nap would be a better option. Energy drinks never had an effect on me.

yeah it does the job, just remember when those 5 hours are up and maybe a little before that you are going to crash hard and be worthless to everyone

Not really

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