is powerade flammable?!

Question: Is powerade flammable?
my friend says it is but is it really?


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Not really. There's some ingredients that are flammable (eg. sugar, coconut oil), but the water content is too high for the drink itself to burn.

The drink mix might be flammable. Not sure, haven't tried it.

You should just try and set some powerade on fire! You know, trial and error. That's how I rolled when I was a kid. Hehe, j/k.

The only beverages that I know of that are flamable are those containing a high concentration of alcohol, 57.15% to be exact. I found it interesting there were some mentions of Tang containing a flamable ingredient, Methylene chloride, which also causes cancer.. Even that I don't think makes the Tang flamable in liquid form.

Wikipedia, other places on the internets... :) there is nothing flammable in there

I don't think so.

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