Is it true that in China and Japan they drink hot drinks with their meals?!

Question: Is it true that in China and Japan they drink hot drinks with their meals?
This is to prevent the oily stuff from solidifying which is caused by cold drinks?


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There is no such custom in Japan.

i know they drink tea with meals.

idk about cold drinks i think they drink both at times.

everytime we go to a chinese resturant authetic kind they server tea to use and water.

the new chinese n japanese resturants dont eve server tea as a drink they serve u water.

we eat out at chinese resturants almost every week.

Yes, they do commonly drink hot drinks, mainly tea, with meals but not as a rule. Some drink cold.

Oils do not solidify inside the human body. The average internal body temperature is 98.6 degrees F and oils cannot solidify at that high a temperature.

Yes, such as tea. Some soft drinks are served at room temp. as well.

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