What's yours favorite soda?!

Question: What's yours favorite soda?
Mines is Catus Cooler


Cactus Cooler was my Dad's favorite too. It is pretty good. Where do you live that you can get it? Only have seen it once in Oklahoma. ( used to live in So.Cal. )
It is a citrus flavored drink. Edited: Orange and Pineapple.
My favorite is Hire's Root Beer. Can't get that here either. Bubble Up would be good. Can't get it. Dad's Root Beer. Can sometimes get it.
So Club soda is my soft drink of choice. With a little Lime juice.
Edit: Jacob, it used to be made by Canada Dry. It is now a Dr. Pepper product. It used to be sold in Hi. I had it there in 1982. I was born in Hi.

sprite, rootbeer, dr pepper, crush, orange soda,grape soda, mountain dew (blue one)

yea soda is bad but you cant stop it people still will buy it; it's like cigarettes. but so is gatorade and sobe that shet isn't good for you either.

PS- what is catus cooler? it sounds good but they dont sell that in Hawaii ):

soda bad for you. try Gatorade or Sobe


pepsi, mountain dew

my taste buds. (:

Dr. Pepper

I can't quit you.


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