Can I buy this energy drink?!

Question: Can I buy this energy drink?
Hi I am 13 and at school I had some monster and tomorrow I wan t to buy one for me and one for my friend, can I buy it? because the shop going to school didn't let this boy have them lucazade alert (he was in the same year) would he let me buy them?


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yea you should be able too i see kids 11 years old buying them. nothing bad about energy drinks teir not even illegal or thiers no age limit but their is warning on the can to not dirnk more then 3 a day.

if he says no ask him why. and tell him u want to speak to the manager. because buying energy drinks isnt bad i have been buying them ever since like 7th grade when i was 12. i still buy them now time to time but thier so expensive and make you pee badly.

You should be able to buy it, as there is no legal reason not to.

However, a shopkeeper can reserve the right to serve whomever they wish, and if they have problem with selling an energy drink to a Minor, then they do not have to sell it.

They cant tell you that you cant buy en energy drink- its just like a soda. I get them all the time!

im me:)

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