Coffee Creamer Substitute?!

Question: Coffee Creamer Substitute?
I really like to use different flavored coffee creamers in my coffee, like irish delight, hazelnut, mocha, etc. and they always have some really interesting ones at the market. But cream gives me really bad stomaches so I can't really use it anymore. Do they have like flavored milk or something that I can substitute for the cream so I don't get stomaches?


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This coffee is no need to put a cream.

Most of those creamers you get in the supermarket aren't real cream and in fact, have no dairy in them at all, so perhaps it's something else causing your stomach aches.

That said, they sell the flavoring syrups in bottles at specialty coffee shops and baking supplies. You can use them with milk or soy, rice or almond milk.

Whole foods sells some good ones. I use french vanilla soymilk creamer, it doesn't taste like soymilk and everyone I give it to likes it. I've also used a vanilla coconut creamer, make of coconut milk but it's not as sweet as the soymilk creamer.

ya they have powdered creamer you could get an i know they have lactose intolerant creamers. you could also use some spices with milk like Cinnamon or Vanilla,or try flavored Cream that works really good


Those creamers are Non-dairy creamers. So they are not Really cream.

I believe it is international delighhts now has a line of flavored Real creams.

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