is milk still good if its expired but doesn't smell or look bad?!

Question: Is milk still good if its expired but doesn't smell or look bad?
i've had 2% milk in my refrigerator and it expired almost 2 1/2 weeks ago.. im never home and don't plan on really drinking it but was just curious if it would be okay considering it doesn't smell bad or look bad at all..


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It just hasn't started rotting yet. Milk has germs in it that are boiled out to make it safe to drink. That's how they figure the 1%, 2%, etc. If you drink straight from a cow, you can get very sick. So yes, don't drink it, because those toxins in it are there even if you can't taste or smell it.

If it doesn't smell or look bad, you need to take a tiny sip to make sure it is ok. I can tell milk is about to go bad before it actually takes on a smell or starts to clabber because it will have kind of a twang to the taste. I have found that once milk is opened, it rarely lasts much past the expiration date. If it still tastes ok, it is safe to drink.

Usually it is still good for a week or so, though the increased cream content may make it rot faster, but my dad always drinks the skim milk we have for a week after the due date

all food items are good for another week after the expiration date. that milk most likely still works, if it hasnt been opened yet or even if you already opened it.

You can drink it, but I would not recommend it.

its still good

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