COKE OR PEPSI...........?!

Question: COKE OR PEPSI...........?
I prefer coke, but I want to know which is your favorite and why.


Coke FTW!!!
It's more bubbly and more flavor in my opinion :)
And for those of you who don't believe there is a difference--there is!!

moi :)

pepsi just because me and my dad drank it together all the time and i only saw him on the weekends and it reminds of him he even had a pepsi bumper sticker that said friends don't let friends drink coke :)

my dad lol

It's neither, I choose water, kidding Coke is better than pepsi cos..... IDK it's just better

Me!!!'s sweeter and not as

My mind....& taste buds


iced tea!

Coke! It's more refreshing and sweet...Pepsi is all right, but it's too tart.

Pepsi. It's better for your teeth.

coke, it tastes better.

pepsi for me =)

i think pepsi because its less carbonated and goes down easier ...just my opinion.

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