What kind of pop is better for you, regular or diet?!

Question: What kind of pop is better for you, regular or diet?
I have heard both ways so which is true?


Regular. Diet drinks have much more unnatural chemicals and worse ones for you. You can't just look at calories.

Truthfully it would be better if you avoided both; Regular soda's contain high amounts of simple carbohydrates which come in soda as HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) the carbonation can also assist with austeoperosis (the thinning of the bones). On the other hand Diet Soda's contain Fake sugars (splenda, sweet'n'low or equal) which actually make your brain think that they are going to get sugar and when they don't they will tell you to go and aquire that sugar.

If you must drink soda I would opt for gently carbonated all natural (real sugar) soda's such as Izzy

diet drink have chemicals that actually increase weight instead of removing weight. and the taste i find offinsvie for a chemical flavor.

diet drinks suck!!!

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