Is mountain dew the drink banned in the uk? if so why?!

Question: Is mountain dew the drink banned in the uk? if so why?
Is mountain dew the drink banned in the uk? if so why?



Not banned...

"Mountain Dew was available in the UK in the late 90's, but Pepsico UK decided to pull it from shops because "sales were not as great as anticipated". Keep in mind though, that it was only available here for a short period of time nealy 10 years ago and current trends change. I'm not sure which marketing company advises Pepsi, but I think its time they tried to release it again."


It's not banned, but some of the ingredients are different in the UK version because they're not allowed or are soon to be not allowed. For example, tartrazine is used for the colouring in the US, but in the UK there is a "voluntary removal" of it from food products and, I believem, it is soon to be banned in the EU.

No it isn't, you can get it, but I don't think it's widely available and I'm not sure that it's sold in supermarkets.

It's not banned. They don't sell it cos it's American and it's not made over here xoxo

No it's not banned. A quick search on google pulled up loads of sites where it can be purchased.

I've seen it in the UK at some Shell petrol stations. That's one of the drinks which I like.


i buy it from

yes, but they have the mountain don't formula

Yes. We haven't got any mountains and we don't like the dews.

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