What do you prefer, coffee or tea?!

Question: What do you prefer, coffee or tea?
Coffee/tea with milk or sugar?


tea! i heat a very little bit of water and teabag together on the stove.. then once that boils add a small amount of sugar, and lots of milk! heat until milk is very hot and add cardamom seeds. let cool and enjoy. and coffee with cinnamon cream!! mmm

When i first wake up in the morning it has got to be a cup of tea. After a meal i prefer coffee. When i was pregnant i could not face drinking tea or the smell of it made me feel sick. My favorite drink of the day has got to be Tea.

Coffee with milk and 3 sugars.

Tea with lemon and 3 sugars.

I overall pefer a cappucino or a latte (with flavour!)
but out of jsut plain black coffee and tea, then it has to be Chai tea with alpro soya and honey.... so nice... !

coffee! i'm a barista so i love a yummy latte!

Coffee before 3pm and tea afterwards!

Tea, I'm from England though so it's expected. I can't stand the taste of coffee

cranberry tea

coffee all the way, but if i cant get that ill still be gratefull for a cup of tea

I prefer COFFEE.

Coffee with milk and one spoon sugar.

when i feel educated i drink tea

Although, lately, all I drink is tea.


coffeeeee for sure

coffee with no sugar no milk.....

green tea with no sugar.

coffe with sugar

double coffee all the way!!

green tea

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