Is this too much water to drink for my age?!

Question: Is this too much water to drink for my age?
I keep a log on how much water I drink each day.
I read that for a 18 year old 2.3L of water is recommended.
I never used to drink water before but now I can drink up to 2.5L.
Few days back I had 3L.
If this is a bad amount than how much should I drink?

I don't gulp, I have a bottle that I sip as I study all night so yeah.

Thanks guys (=


As long as you are not drinking large quantities in short periods of time then you will be fine.

you don't have to drink unless you want to or need to. if you do sports you have to drink so you are not dehydrated.

i think it should be good cause water is good for you as long as you are sipping it not drinking a lot at once

No. Just don't surpass 3Liters.

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