how do i explain to the guy at the coffe shop that i dont want a spiced chai latte.?!

Question: How do i explain to the guy at the coffe shop that i dont want a spiced chai latte.?
Ok I do not like coffee. However I do like spiced chai. How can i explain to the guy at the coffee shop that i do not want wany coffe in it. Just the tea, milk, cream, and what ever else.


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A chai latte does not have coffee in it. It is called 'latte' because it uses steamed milk. So just order it as a 'chai latte' and you will get exactly what you are looking for.

I think its not a spiced chai latte if you dont want the coffee! A latte is by definition a milky coffee.

try saying a chai tea instead which should be available at most coffee shops. Its still spiced and milky, but theres no coffee in it

Chai is a tea, and there is no coffee added. If you order a Spiced Chai Latte it will only consist of the Chai tea and heated milk.

Yell at him in German when he messes up:

"Nein! Die Herrlichkeit der Banane h?ngt von uns ab!"

Then throw a fit until he gives you the right stuff

Say that. "Can I have a spiced chai without the coffee in it?"

You should just show him your "Olive Juice" tattoo and a little nip....then he'll do anything you want him to do. ;)

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