why is sparkling water bad for children?!

Question: Why is sparkling water bad for children?
like 7 up or coke


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I really don't think that it is. Soda, however has sugar, where you may possibly get fat and/or hyper. other than that it is not bad.

The downside to what our kids love drinking is that one active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid. It's pH is 2.8. This in itself can dissolve a fingernail clipping in say 4-5days ,so just imagine what it can do inside the growing bodies of teenagers who frequently drink a giant product on a day to day basis.

Don't confuse sparkling water with fizzy drinks. Sparkling water is simply plain water which has been carbonated and has nothing but bubbles of inert gas in it whereas the fizzy drinks like 7up or Coke contain all SORTS of other things - including a vast amount of sugar which is not good for young children.

It contain chemicals that can make children hyperactive and harder to control. Also, if you don't brush your teeth, the amount of sugar in it can cause a build-up of plaque.

sparkling water is carbonated water, not 7up or coke. 7up has lots of sugar and caffeine and other bad stuff in it, dido with coke

7 up and coke is not sparkling water..it's soda full of chemicals and tons of sugar. That's not good for anyone.

Not sure about sparkling but all spring water is bad as it contains cr@p! Tap water is good and much cheaper

It's not unless it gives them indigestion from the bubbles.

Excess gas can cause their throats to constrict and choke easily.

It's not.

It's me silly of course I'm nice

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