How much is my vintage Pepsi machine worth? (Choice Vend)?!

Question: How much is my vintage Pepsi machine worth? (Choice Vend)?
I am having a hard time finding out some information on my vintage Pepsi machine.
I do NOT know what year it is, but I do know it is before the 80's (maybe 70's).
It is from the company Choice Vend with the model number CV-104.

If you have any information can you please post where you got your answer from.
Greatly appreciated.


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I'm no expert, but if it's in good condition, it might be worth a pretty penny. If you can find someone who is an expert on these sort of things, they will be able to give you a number. Then just to find somebody who would want it. Hope you do well.

About 2000

Check some out on ebay and you will have an idea whats its worth

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