Why is flavored liquid coffee creamer so sweet?!

Question: Why is flavored liquid coffee creamer so sweet?
Why can't they make creamers with the nice flavors but without the over-the-top added sweetness? I find that to make my coffee the sweetness that I enjoy, I must mix the flavored kind in a 1/3 mix to 2/3 of the unflavored creamer. People could always add a little sugar or splenda if it isn't sweet enough for them, but it's hard to take it out!


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Because putting sugar in practically anything will cause sales to increase.

Those creamers like most are loaded with sugar. I use BCreamy by Boresha International : It's
* Fat Free
* Zero Cholesterol
* Low Glycemic
* Diet and Diabetic Friendly
* 100% Natural
Taste just as good as the ones loaded with bad sugar.


they add a lot of sugar to those creamers. it's either sugar, or high fructose corn syrup. and what's worse is that it's always the first or second ingredient on the list.

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