Can you mail soda to someone?!

Question: Can you mail soda to someone?
My mom wants to know if you can mail soda she not sure if she can.


of course you can!

Sure you can. Just inform the postal employee what the contents are just in case they x-ray some items that could be considered suspicious. You should probably even phone the local postal office and ask them if they need to inspect the contents before you seal the carton. Sometimes, depending on your location or the location you're shipping the package to, people can get a bit nervous about sealed containers with liquid inside.

Well, you know of you send it, you have got to send a camera with it so that someone can take a picture of the person when they open the soda up!

Kidding...yes, you can, but you have to make sure you package it properly. Check out this link.…

Sure, but it will probably be flat by the time it reaches the recipient.

if the post office people can ship CARS across the ocean, then im sure soda is no match for them :)

yes you can!

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