whats your favorite drink from starbucks?!

Question: Whats your favorite drink from starbucks?
just asking. id reeeeaaalllly like to try some new coffees and stuff:)


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my favorite is madtana

white hot chocoate
white chocolate mocha frappuccino
extra coffee caramel frappuccinno
caffe vanilla frapuccino
caramel macchiato
ice cafe latte
white hcocolate mocha
ginger bread latte

tey'e all so good.. you know what to try next time your there :):):)

The java chip frappucino,the toffee mocha espresso,and the hot chocolate with whip cream.

Javachip ! It's delicious

Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

either strawberry and creme frappucino or vanilla bean frappucino

i really like the frapuchinos. or how ever u spell it. haaha. all i know is tht they're good!

apple chai!! :) iced!

orange mango smoothie!!! it is great with soy and without protein powder.

got to be the cinnamon latte mmmmmmm

tea no ice

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