How do I learn to like green tea?!

Question: How do I learn to like green tea?
I've been trying to learn to like green iced tea because it's cheap and really good for me, but for some reason I can barely stand drinking it. Does anyone know a good way to start to like it? Or at least get used to it?


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Usually people drink green tea hot rather than iced, but most of it has very little flavor (some of the "gunpowder" green teas are stronger). If you're trying to avoid sugar, jasmine (green) tea is the only one I can drink without sweetener but have never tried it cold.

I'd recommend adding other flavors to it, from just a squeeze of orange, lemon, or lime, to bits of fruit juice. I often keep fruit juice in the frig or freezer to add to various kinds of green tea (plain or pre-flavored) in fact, and it tastes quite good. You can even keep frozen cans of various juices in concentrate form in the freezer, and spoon out a bit at at time as needed to add to your teas (hot or cold).

You might also want to read up about brewing green teas, since brewing them well helps with flavor too... not the same water temperature or time as brewing black teas, for example:…

Continue drinking it every single day until you are used to it.

Consistency is the key.

you gotta just keep consistently drinking it. like every day. eventually your body becomes used to it

you shouldnt force urself to like something. but adding ingredients to sweeten it will help. like honey or sugar.

If you dont like it you dont like it. You cant force yourself...

But it makes it taste REALLY GOOD if you add milk and sugar :D

try add other flavours to the gree tea to take away the horrible taste like honey or lemon

get the jasmine green tea, it is the best.

Just get it down your throat ffs

not sure ask where you buy tea like a store that sells tea

try adding mint as well as sweetner

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