Is it ok to have decaf coffee when the dr. says to avoid caffeine?!

Question: Is it ok to have decaf coffee when the dr. says to avoid caffeine?
I know decaf coffee is 99.7 % caffeine free and I was drinking lots and lots of caffeine. I was told to avoid it because I am being treated for anxiety. I have had ekg's, holter monitor, and blood work which was all normal.


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Once you have developed anxiety/panic disorder and know the feeling of a panic attack, it's easy to mentally bring an attack on.
When you drink something that you know contains even the slightest amount of caffeine although minuscule, you can get a panic attack and it wouldn't necessarily be the decaf that caused it.
Remember that panic attacks are mental and in your case the catalyst is caffeine.
I remember I got an attack when I was eating. I then associated the food to the panic attack.It's your mind playing tricks on you.

So it depends how bad your anxiety is/was. It depends if you have panic attacks and it depends on if the doctor gave you medication.

Rem,ember that cola's, mountain dew, tea, even chocolate often have caffeine( I'm sure they gave you a list).

It's nothing serious so don't worry. I've had a bad case for the last 15 years but it turns out to be easy to deal with and I still drink a few cups of regular coffee a day.( of course the doc gave me a little helper)-:)

I don't know. It will depend on why you need to avoid caffeine. If they were looking at your heart I would suggest you don't mess about and just leave out anything with caffeine in, even a little bit. You especially need to be careful if you have been told to stay off it because of pills as pills that calm you down or anything like that are complicated and can interact really strangely.

If you really want some coffee, go back to your doctor and get clarification.

tbh i think if the doctor recomends just stay clear of coffee altogether just to be on the safe side :) but i love coffee try find another substitute drink . hope it helps xx

learn to drink water it is the best and you will be much healthier. caffeine even 1 % works on your health for later. they did not test caffeine levels

well i think decaf means decaffinated so i think ur good. but id look into other alternatives just to be safe.

why don't u ask the doctor

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