Tim Horton's Question ...?!

Question: Tim Horton's Question ...?
I went online and saw the Tim Hortons gift baskets and wanted to purchase one for my friend as a Christmas gift. I think it's called 'The Coffee Lover's Classic' basket or something like that. It says you can buy them online, but can you walk into the actual store and purchase them? Or are they only available online...? Please help (:


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I just had a look at the Tim Horton's site. I don't really go into Tim Horton's but where I used to work there was one of those very small Tim Horton's and last Christmas they had gifts just like the ones on the site - so I should imagine the bigger stores would most definitely have them - like the others have said go in and ask - even if they don't have them in the store itself they probably will order one for you.

Go ask. If they're only available online and you don't want to order from there, just go into the store and buy some of the coffee they sell in there and make your own basket. :)

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