what is worse, energy drinks or energy shots?!

Question: What is worse, energy drinks or energy shots?
my mom and i are debating what is better for you, specifically nos energy and nos shots, and of course since Google hasn't been much help and i am not finding any reliable articles, so if sombody could somehow scale each of them and tell me which one is better!?! thank you very much!!!


I would say based on a research I did for an orientation in a school that I work, they are basically the same. The only difference would be the size and pricing of the bottle( Shots are less liquid {water} but have the same or sometimes higher amounts of the spooky chemicals) big cans of energy drinks have. The crashes ( physical and mental tiredness) are always the same. The only energy shot that have been stated with the least side effects and with more alertness and focus experienced is the 5 Hour Energy Drink. I've used it and it really works.

Personal credit due to an investigation made with a college partner.

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