What do they not tell us about the tea?!

Question: What do they not tell us about the tea?
Tea and cofe are side by side...it s good and evil.Coffe we know as a side effect causes insomnia and liver isues,but tea is like...to perfect.I don t like perfection,I need to find a floe in tea...what is it?And please dont tell me that it helps you drain yourself,just tell e something about why tea can harm you,there must be something...evan a small reason...something bad about the tea...thank you!


Bad about tea:

1. It tastes like dirty water.
2. Too replace that taste, you must add stuff that kills the point of even drinking it.
3. Most of the benefits of tea come from the fact it is simply mostly water, and not something worse. Like coffee.
4. It isn't free.

Too much of any one thing can be bad for you. Vitamin , minerals and herbs can be come toxic.

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