Grey tiny tiny tiny particles inside my water even after it goes through the Brita water filter?!

Question: Grey tiny tiny tiny particles inside my water even after it goes through the Brita water filter?
I recently bought a Brita water filter. I have run water through it plenty of times before using it, but for some reason, when I pour water into my cup, there's still tiny tiny grey particles in it. What do I do? What is this? Is it bad for my health?


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It could be from the filter because of the charcoal but the water should be clean after you've used a new filter a few times. Is the filter cracked? If it doesn't stop you should get a new one. Or switch to a better filter like I did.…

I have experience with Brita filters and those particles are from the filter itself that makes it's way through those tiny holes.

I would not drink those particles.

Empty the filter and refill it. Sometimes is takes a few times to filter all of that away.

Brita filters are affordable for a reason.

are you sure its from the water? could have been from the glass.

besides the stuff you can see. most tap water contains disolved solids. you cant even see them. i think brita touts what 90% cleaner water. and in some cases after long runs you can actually get charcoal from the filter itself in the water.

i really dont think it will hurt you. except the flouride but you cant filter that out

It might be particulates from the filter itself. Is the filter made of charcoal or something else ashy looking?

Good luck, and I hope the gray particles are not tiny ninja Sea Monkeys.

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