what will i do if i found out a residue inside the bottled soft drinks?!

Question: What will i do if i found out a residue inside the bottled soft drinks?

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Hi, Ericka,

Best bet: There should be a phone number somewhere on the bottle for "Questions or Comments." Call them.

First of all, they may be able to tell you if the residue is ok to consume, or if it's harmful. (Maybe the batch of soft drink was made on a machine which was functioning well at WASHING the inside of the bottles with soap and water, but maybe the RINSING machine wasn't working very well. Sometimes, the detergents they use in manufacture could give the soft drink an off taste, or somehow affect the carbonation, etc...)

Secondly, they'll probably send you a voucher for a free bottle of the soft drink. (or maybe even 2, or a 6 pack, etc...)

I had something similar happen once; I purchased a CASE (24) of a soft drink (energy drink) in clear plastic bottles. One day, after shaking one up before I opened it, I noticed these little slivers of reflective stuff floating in it. (They kinda sparkled.) (Nowadays, that might be considered a "cool effect" [kinda like Goldschlager has bits of gold floating in it which are perfectly safe to consume.] but back then, it wasn't a wanted addition.) So I called the manufacturer, explained to them the situation, and they had one of their distributers drop off a new replacement case at my house the next day! They did ask me to get rid of the drinks with the sparkely stuff floating in it, but they didn't ask for it back, or anything like that.

So, my advice (both for health and happiness) is to contact their customer care line and let them know that you found a little something that you weren't expecting and see what they can do for you.


- Z

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