Is shaving cream a perishable or a non perishable item?!

Question: Is shaving cream a perishable or a non perishable item?

Shaving cream is a lubricant.
I don't think it goes bad?

I have used a few which left my skin looking like I took a rumble.
Your skin is sensitive, and certain added things in your shaving cream will cause your skin to react to foreign entities.
If you don't get used to it, it may not be what you need?

Shake the bottle, if it still produces foam, it should be all good.

Why this question?
Are you planning on sending some shaving cream to people in Haiti?
Hahaha, a can of spaghetti Oh's will surfice, and a ton cheaper.
Wow, if we all just sent one can of that, they would live off of spaghetti Oh's for ever.
Sad but true.
I'm a realist, and devastation is real, but heck, I should'nt be told to give.
It's crazy.…
This is what I use.

obviously non perishable item as it don't go bad within a day or two and can last from 3 months to 12 months. depending on the chemicals used.


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