Should I drink Green Tea before or after a meal?!

Question: Should I drink Green Tea before or after a meal?
Right now i am drinking an 8oz glass of green tea after every meal. I recently read that this slows the digestion process, so is it better to drink my glass of green tea before each meal? Or maybe in between meals?

How long before, after or in between meals, is the best time to consume 8oz of Green Tea?
Thanks :)


before and after. green tea is very nutritious and good for you. It's not a scam because there's been so much research done on it.

I'd say after a meal.
Even if it doesn't slow the digestion progress, you'll taste green tea as you eat other food! Not fun.

The best time is after a meal, so that it has something to slow down! :)

Doesn't matter. Green Tea is a scam for suckers.

after a meal

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