frozen coke ..wht to do?!

Question: Frozen coke ..wht to do?
i forgot to take out my dr pepper bottle from the freezer last night ...
it was frozen but now thawed .. I was just wondering if its still good to drink?
M preggy just being cautious ... m concerned about the chemical reactions ...


The fizz will be gone, and it'll taste flat and like sugar syrup. It's gross...

I love it!! Let it set out(take it to work etc.) It will thaw a little at a time, drink it as it thaws and sometimes you get that half frozen ice that is so good kinda like a slushy! It will still be somewhat fizzy till you get to the bottom when it is completely thaw, that part will be flat unfortunately! But love it!! Sometimes I try to do it on purpose and forget then it completely freezes! Drats! You can just let the whole thing thaw before you open it then drink it. It will not be flat if you don't open it.

If you are pregnant, you shouldn't drink caffeine.

It better >> don't drink it

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