people say its a con seller because he markets oolong as weight loss tea?!

Question: People say its a con seller because he markets oolong as weight loss tea?
but can you really judge the quality of tea by the advertising of a seller?and isnt every tea technically supporting weight loss? besides wich tea dealer tells bull for marketing? besides i like the origin of the seller...


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Methinks thou dost protest too much.

Selling tea as "weight loss tea" is a now-typical way to dispose of lousy tea at a high markup - people buying weight loss drugs aren't going to be fussy about price or quality, and when the tea fails there is an endless line of suckers to take their place.

The marketing is misleading and clearly aimed at selling the tea to the gullible weight-worrying public instead of tea drinkers.

If the seller were honest, he'd advertise the tea based on its qualities as tea - the taste, the aroma, the origin, the cultivation, etc. Since we already have established that the seller is dishonest, why should we assume that the tea is priced honestly? If the tea were any good, it would be just as easy to sell as tea, and if it's lousy...well, that's why the seller is advertising it with false and misleading claims, to foist it off on people who know no better.

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